A good deal of suffering is the consequences of “negative” thoughts and impulses invading one’s mind from subconscious recesses. Unfortunately, past experiences, guilt feelings, and repudiated impulses and desires are incessantly pushing themselves into awareness, directly or in disguised forms sabotaging one’s happiness, health and efficiency. By the time one has reached adulthood, he has built up “negative” modes of thinking, feeling, and acting which persist like bad habits. And like any habits they are hard to break.

In hypnosis, we attempt to replace these “negative” with “positive” ones. However, it takes time to disintegrate old habit patterns. Even though there may be no apparent alterations on the surface, a restructuring is going on underneath. An analogy may make this clear. If you hold a batch of white blotters above the level of your eyes so that you only see the bottom blotter, and if you dribble drops of ink onto the top blotter, you will observe nothing different for a while until sufficient ink has been poured to soak through the entire thickness. Eventually the ink will come down.

During this period while nothing seemingly was happening, penetrations were occurring. Had the process been stopped before enough ink had been poured, we would be tempted to consider the process a failure.

Suggestions in hypnosis are like ink poured on layers of resistance; one must keep repeating them before they come through to influence old destructive patterns.

Yes. In reality all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and is a normal state that everyone passes through before going to sleep. Remember statistics show that we all spend seven out of every ninety minutes a day in hypnosis.

Only a qualified professional person should decide whether one needs hypnosis or could benefit from it. The professional person requires special training in the techniques and uses of hypnosis before he/she can be considered qualified. Also anyone who has been properly trained in self-hypnosis can receive many benefits from its use as well.

in the state of Colorado must either be licensed or registered with the state. If that person is not registered, find another hypnotherapist. The practioner that is not registered with the state is working outside of law and if you should need to file a grievance, you have no recourse if the hypnotherapist is not registered. On the other hand, if the person is registered, the state is required to investigate all grievances.


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