"For two years I had the most excruciating headache as a result of surgery on my occipital lobe. I had to drop all of my after school activities as well as the IB program I was in. After seeing Pam only three times I have been pain free for over a year. I have not even had a tension headache. I have been able to resume all the after school activities and have been accepted at the college of my choice with a full ride scholarship and I will be graduating from high school in spring of 2010 with honors. Pam literally gave me my life back. I will never be able to thank her enough."
E.H.    Aurora

"Thnk you Miss Pam
I dont bit my figernals any more."
J.B. 6 yrs old,  Aurora

"Dear Pam,
Thank you can't begin to say it for me. Without our help I would still be "in the gutters". God truly saved me by sending you into my life. I can't tell you enough how wonderful I feel being in recovery for more than a year. I owe my life to you.
Love with all my heart and soul
L.R. Thornton

"Dear Pam
You are amazing! I still can't believe that after smoking  1 1/2 packs a day I quit in only one session! How do you do it?"
S.W. Durango

"Thanks to Pam our marriage has been saved. My husband snored so loud I swear he woke up the neighbors. After seeing Pam only 3 times, with only a few exceptions, he has not snored and the few times he has, it barley woke me up. It is so pleasant to be able to sleep all night and in my bed next to my husband instead of on couch in the basement. I recommend her to everyone I talk to."
S.C. Aurora

"This stuff is weird but it sure works! I passed my ACT's with flying colors."
  C.H.   Highlands Ranch

"Pam has been speaking to my psychology classes for over 15 years and she still continues to be the highlight of the year; I know I can count on 100% class attendance the day she is here. We actually have kids register for psychology class just because of her."
Doug Chilton, Psychology teacher, Grandview High School

"It only took me one session to stop smoking."
 B.K.    Ft. Morgan

"I use to wake up my husband, daughter and myself at least two to three times a week with night terrors. It only took Pam two sessions and they were gone completely. In fact I was so impressed I waited the two years Pam told me I had to wait and then went to her school and became a hypnotherapist myself."
D.G.       Broomfield

"Dear Pam
Just wanted to thank you again for your help with my anxiety and sleep disorder. I am still doing well and have my life back in order. I still think of how awful it was not being able to sleep through a night - constantly waking up, heart racing, mind reeling, thinking I would die and even wishing I could die at times rather than to continue the suffering.
All the money I spent on psychologists, medications and self-help media wasn't effective and I was losing hope. As a "last ditch" effort I decided to try hypnosis. After our first session I saw tremendous results. I'm able to relax on my own now and know all is well. I can function at work and have a much brighter outlook on my entire life. My daughter is especially thankful too. You gave her, her mom back. I have the energy now to do anything I choose! Thanks again from all of us!"
C.L & family    Lone Tree

"Dear Pam
I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to you. Saying thank you just is not enough! Being a Marine Medic in heavy combat zones most of my life, you can imagine the horrors I witnessed. When I returned home after my last tour, I could still hear the screams and people crying. I could still see the wounded and the dead and constantly heard the machine gun fire and explosions. Needless to say the VA did nothing for me except to tell me it was all in my head and everything was fine. After beating my wife and almost breaking her arm during a flashback, she finally convinced me to see a hypnotherapist before I accidentally killed her or someone else. After only a few sessions with you my wife is no longer afraid of me and neither am I! The screams and guns have stopped and feel in control again. I will forever be in your debt."
A. J.      Colorado Springs















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